Empower Kids To Increase Their Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Create a Positive, Healthy & Successful Future.

Powerful & Fun Educational Tools Designed For Kids Ages 3-13

Hello, We are Happy Kids!

Meet Amber, Coco, Little Curly, Roxy, Mia, and Sam, who can't wait to say hello!

Designed to encourage success, and increase the possibility for positive results in your children’s life

Promote & foster a positive attitude by reaffirming your child's positive emotions and voice

Support kids to recognize that they are good at something and encourage them to share their skills with others which enhances their resiliency

Empowers both adults and kids to unwind, relax and connect with each other to build a healthy and strong long-term relationship

Nurture their authentic self, and help them to enjoy the magic of childhood

Use as a daily mindfulness tool to calm worries, decrease stress and enhance wellbeing

Build your children’s confidence, boost their self-esteem and place them on the path of knowing themselves

Used by adults to comfort and heal the inner child

"Little Curly illustrations give very positive feelings to me and the feeling of happiness. Very cute character that make me want to find out more about each one"

- Adina Avdic (UK)

"My little niece loves Little Curly. Very glad to have bought her something that carries a positive message and characters she can relate to."

- Anna Yorke (UK)

"Little Curly affirmations are a brilliant idea. As a class teacher it's important to encourage children to believe in themselves, that's what I like about Little Curly illustrations, they're a great resource to use in the classroom."

- Palvinder Kothiria (UK)
Primary School Teacher

Our Mission

Raising HAPPY KIDS is our mission.
We empower teachers and parents to take action to inspire their children to develop a positive attitude when they are young. Helping children as early as possible is a key component in setting them up for life that is full of confidence, success, health and filled with happiness.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own action.” - Dalai Lama

Meet Ella.

The founder and creator of Little Curly, her mission is to empower teachers and parents to take action to inspire their children to develop a positive attitude from a young age.

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